Sanag X Pro TWS Earphone For Just $42.99 [Limited Sale]

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Sanag X Pro TWS Earphone For Just $42.99 [Limited Sale]

Friends who like to play games still have a special liking for game music. With the atmosphere of music, they can be well integrated into it. As flagship phones have eliminated the audio interface, gamers have a low latency Bluetooth headset that supports games. The demand is still high. The Sanag X Pro Headset supports 65ms ultra-low latency and precise listening position identification. Let’s get to know this product up close.
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In terms of appearance, Sanag X Pro can be said to be quite offensive. The battery compartment is shaped like a space battleship. Under the tough lines, it does not lose the rounded feel. It is full of e-sports. It opens the gap with similar products at a glance. The overall recognition is Extremely high. The magnetic clamshell design supports the connection when the cover is opened. The whole machine has no physical buttons and uses the touch headset panel to complete various operations.
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Charging Box
The charging bay is fixed by magnetic attraction, and each time it is opened and closed, there is a sense of ritual of mecha decomposition. After opening the charging bay, you can see that the interior is mainly designed in black. The Sanag X Pro gaming Bluetooth headset is stable. It is firmly fixed in the corresponding slot.
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The Sanag X Pro gaming Bluetooth headset uses SAN professional decoding. For enthusiasts who like to listen to HIFI music, the product Aluminized liquid diaphragm with a 12mm large dynamic coil can perform an in-depth analysis of the sound quality and has a high on-site reproduction. The headset itself is also equipped with CVC noise reduction dual microphones, which can effectively filter most of the ring noise in most situations and enhance the feedback and recognition of the human voice. It is suitable for ordinary voice calls and on-demand karaoke. More suitable for the passion in the game to open black.
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As for the Bluetooth headset, which focuses on e-sports and games, it is natural to examine its endurance skills and whether it is capable of going out and long-term gaming. After all, “abandoning halfway” is a considerable influence on the experience. When the headset is fully charged, it can support 4~5 hours in the game, and when the battery level is below a certain level, it will automatically alarm and prompt to charge, and the headset charging compartment can fully charge the headset for 4~5 A full charge of about one time is enough to support the power consumption of a day out.
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In general, Sanag X Pro is a headset with a distinctly personalized style. While the color matching is refreshing, it also incorporates a tough, e-sports atmosphere, which makes people think of those game peripherals on the desktop at first glance. In terms of experience, the poorly perceived delay and good sound quality make it perhaps a good choice.
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Where To Buy
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Buy Sanag X Pro TWS Earbuds at $42.99 on Banggood

Sanag X Pro TWS Earphone For Just $42.99 [Limited Sale]

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