Scotsman Electric Scooter

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Scotsman Electric Scooter

Scotsman Electric Scooter, the world’s first 3D-printed carbon fiber composite electric scooter, custom design.
Get the Scotsman Electric Scooter For $1,799

Electric scooter is no longer a child’s thing, it has evolved into an eco-friendly alternative to driving and has won over a lot of commuters the world over who conveniently move around with it rather than using public transportation. 
The Scotsman scooter ensures you commute with power, comfort and without compromise. The first custom designed electric scooter for each owner, fully connected and made from carbon fiber material, which is quite stronger than metal. 
In other for users to choose from a range of three power levels, the Scotsman was designed using top-notch materials and engineering. It comes with two battery bays each having two battery levels, five beautiful colors, different accessories and a wide range of frame sizes which is based on it’s weight and size. All scooters are made based on the personal style of each user.


This product is quite different from other scooters you have in the market because it was made for this generation. The first to have a built-in dashcam, GPS, 4G network connection, color display and the Scotsman App.
The  Scotsman scooter is crafted from ultra-premium thermoplastic carbon fiber composite materials. They includes the handlebar, fork, stem, suspension, baseboard, battery bays e.t.c. Although it’s a large and full-sized scooter typical of other high-performance electric scooter, it has the weight and portability of lower range or smaller and less comfortable scooters. This gives the Scotsman the title “the best of both worlds”.

The Scotsman scooter’s incredible properties has got other makers scrambling to have their names on carbon fiber, but non uses 100% carbon fiber composite body. Meant to give owners full benefits of the material and nothing less. The frame is so light even though its a full-size scooter with dual motors, folds compactly for easy transportation and storage.
Each of it’s PowerPack also serve as a power bank with USB type-C port to charge your phone and others devices. There’s also a 500 Wh PowerPack for more energy capacity, meant for high demanding users.

Get the Scotsman Electric Scooter For $1,799
The Scotsman is the first to have built-in dashcam for you to take pictures when on a ride. When activated, the Find My Scooter feature will take pictures of its surroundings. This ensures you to know it’s exact position and GPS location. 

Scotsman Electric Scooter

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