Shengmilo M50 Electric Bike: Carbon Fiber Incredible Specs

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Shengmilo M50 Electric Bike: Carbon Fiber Incredible Specs

The Shengmilo M50 electric bike has a 27.5-inch aero-grade carbon fiber frame, 250W brushless motor, and a complete Shimano DEORE Series racing accessories set. The entry-level racing Japanese Shimano DEOPRE parts provide excellent durability, quality, and pro racing. Also, there is up to 40km/hr top speed, 40km electric mode mileage, Shimano front/rear Derailleur, and Shimano M446 Hydraulic Disc Brakes. Both 27.5-inch tires have a strong puncture resistance. Another unique feature of this Shengmilo electric bike is the carbon fiber straight handlebar with the latest color LCD at the center. Thus, these best electric bikes for the city, racing, trekking, and traveling offer comfort to a complete professional riding experience.

Shengmilo M50 Electric Bike Design
This 36V 250W Shengmilo electric bike is the first-ever to feature a 27.5-inch carbon fiber frame with strong rigidity and only 26kg lightweight material. Also, the carbon fiber frame comprises 207 layers and angles of the precise lamination process. Therefore, the Shengmilo M50 electric bike has higher shock absorption and toughness than aluminum. There is also a lockable and adjustable front fork suspension for riding on all types of terrains. A special Toyama Saddle seat with rounded sides and a narrower front provides better comfort. The color LCD is at the center of the carbon fiber handlebar. Almost 80% of the wires are hidden for a better appearance.

The Unique Pro Racing Features and Parts
For these best electric bikes for expert racing, city commute, long travels, and outdoor adventures, there are the special Japanese Shimano DEOPRE parts. The Shengmilo M50 carbon fiber electric bike price is 2,999 USD. It has a 36W 9.6AH battery for up to 60km power-assist mileage and a 40km electric range. Also, the battery promises to run over 1,000 charge cycles and is removable. This electric dirt bike has Shimano 27-Speed transmission. 40NM torque, and Shimano M446 Hydraulic Oil disc brakes. Moreover, this carbon fiber Shengmilo electric bike uses Power Assisted Sensing System with Zhuno 48V controller. So, the power output is efficient for prolonging the battery life.

Spec Sheet

36W 250W, 48V Brushless Controller

Power Mileage:

40km/hr Top Speed

Color LCD

27.5-inch Aero-Grade Carbon Fiber

36V 9.6AH, 4-5hrs Charging Time, Removable, Anti-Theft Lock

27.5-inch, Puncture Resistant, Strong Grip

27.5-inch shoulder Fork


35 degrees

Electric Mode:

27-Speed Shimano

Price and Availability
The Shengmilo M50 electric bike price with a 250W motor, 27-Speed Shimano Transmission, and carbon fiber frame is 2,999 USD at the Official Shengmilo Store on Aliexpress. If you are interested in purchasing this Shengmilo electric bike, we would appreciate it if you used our affiliate link. You pay nothing extra and show us your admiration for our work. Also, it helps to get us our coffee when we work. Thanks a million.

Price: $2,999
Buy Shengmilo M50 for just $2,999!
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Shengmilo M50 Electric Bike: Carbon Fiber Incredible Specs

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