Shunzao L1 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner For Just $129.99 [Coupon Deal]

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Shunzao L1 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner For Just $129.99 [Coupon Deal]

The Xiaomi Shunzao L1 cordless vacuum cleaner successfully combines small dimensions, lightweight, and sufficient power for an effective cleaning even in hard-to-reach places. With its 250 W power, the device perfectly sucks out small and large debris, leaving behind spotless surfaces.
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The comfortable ergonomic handle and low weight (only 1.15 kg) allow cleaning practically without fatigue, and all the elements are mounted directly on the handle. Balancing is achieved by the radial arrangement of the engine and the battery – the hand does not get tired even during long cleaning.
The Handheld Vacuum Cleaner L1 is equipped with a new generation Ultra Light 3.0 brushless electric motor that develops up to 120,000 rpm without losing the original power, even during prolonged operation. With a 250W motor power consumption, the motor has a suction power of 105 AW, which provides over 40% efficiency. At the same time, the efficiency of other vacuum cleaners with a similar suction power does not exceed 30%. The high-speed electric motor generates a negative pressure of 20,000 Pa, ensuring effective removal of dirt from all surfaces, including thick carpets. The Shunzao L1’s digital motor is ultralight, and as it is brushless, friction is minimized, reducing the noise level and increasing its useful life.
The efficient electric brush of the Shunzao L1 also contributes to a good cleaning job. It combines materials of different hardnesses to achieve high efficiency both on hard floors and on carpets and rugs, effectively capturing all types of dirt, dust, fine dust, hair, crumbs, and other particles. The device has three small LED lights that indicate the battery level; approximately every light is 1/3: one light on up to 33%; two lights, up to 66%; 3 lights, 100%.
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Its 5-stage filtering system comprises cyclonic technology, a steel mesh filter, a sponge filter, a high-efficiency electrostatic cotton filter, and another type of sponge that also absorbs noise to achieve a quieter operation.
The capacity of the rechargeable batteries guarantees the use of the cordless vacuum cleaner for up to 10 minutes in the maximum suction mode and up to an hour in the standard cleaning mode (it is enough for all rooms with regular cleaning). Three bright LEDs show the current charge level during operation and when charging the device, for storage of which a special wall magnetic mount is provided.
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Where To Buy
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Coupon Code: BGCZSZGD
Buy Shunzao L1 at $129.99 on Banggood

Shunzao L1 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner For Just $129.99 [Coupon Deal]

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