SJCAM C200 Action Camera For Just $129.99 [Lowest Price]

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SJCAM C200 Action Camera For Just $129.99 [Lowest Price]

SJCAM C200 Action Camera, Small body and big functions, equipped with Sony 4K high-resolution sensor to make the image quality clearer, say goodbye to blur and vignette. SJCAM uses horizontal and vertical bi-directional shooting technology innovatively, breaks with self-creation.
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Main advantages:
The SJCAM C200 action camera is suitable for use on a trip, on vacation, and anywhere else.
It will also be great for creating short videos on Instagram, TikTok, or other social networks.
It provides recording in a top resolution of 2880 x 2160 px at a frame rate of 24 fps.
It can also be used to take photos with a great resolution of up to 16 MPx
The camera features a wide-angle of view of up to 154 ° to capture a larger section of the scene
It is, therefore, suitable for interior, landscape, or larger groups of people
The integrated 6-axis SJCAM GyPro gyroscope provides maximum image stabilization
The camera playfully resists shocks and vibrations for highly stable shots without a hint of blur
The degree of protection IP68 means that the camera is not bothered by water or dust
With the camera in the supplied case, it is possible to dive to a depth of 40 m without the risk of damage
The SJCAM Zone mobile application will greatly facilitate the management of this device
It brings the possibility of camera settings, remote control, and real-time recording monitoring
The camera has 1 USB-C port for charging, and connectivity is extended by Wi-Fi 4
Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries with a capacity of 1.2 Ah provide up to 150 minutes of shooting on 1 charge
You can buy a selfie stick, an external lapel microphone and remote control on your wrist for the camera

The SJCAM C200 backpack camera has a design that is 23% smaller and 25% lighter than most conventional action cameras despite having a metal body. You can use it anywhere, be it at home, on the road, under the sea, or in the office for online meetings. This outdoor camera also boasts increased resistance to external influences (degree of protection IP68), so you can shoot water fun and diving without any risk of damaging the camera, which, together with the case, is waterproof to a depth of 40m.
SJCAM C200 provides recording in top 2160p quality (resolution 2880 x 2160 px) at a frame rate of 24 fps and can also be used to take photos with up to 16 MPx. It features a wide-angle view of up to 154° so that you can capture a much larger section of the scene for shots of the interior, landscape, or a larger group of people, similar to wide-angle lenses.
In the sophisticated SJCAM Zone mobile application, you can edit all videos yourself and immediately share them on social networks. The application then makes the management of the device as easy as possible, providing the possibility of quick setting of camera parameters, remote control, and real-time recording monitoring. The C200 camera then supports the MP4 video format and the JPG photo format, where the recordings.
6-axis Gyroscope
The integrated SJCAM GyPro 6-axis gyroscope provides maximum image stabilization. The SJCAM C200 camera can easily withstand shocks and vibrations, so you get perfectly smooth and highly stable images without any hint of blue.
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2 Preset Shooting Position Modes
The SJCAM C200 camera offers you 2 preset shooting position modes, where you can choose between horizontal landscape mode (16: 9 aspect ratio) or vertical portrait mode (9:16 ) according to your own preferences. In addition, it boasts a practical night mode, where infrared lighting is placed around the lens for shooting and shooting in poor lighting conditions. In addition, the camera can detect faces from other objects on its own and automatically takes a photo after detecting all the faces in the shot.
The SJCAM C200 is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 1200mAH but for recording time with extremely high resolution up to 150 minutes. With such a huge time, you won’t have to worry too much about running out of battery halfway.
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Where To Buy
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Coupon Code: BG3aca4d
Buy SJCAM C200 at $129.99 on Aliexpress

SJCAM C200 Action Camera For Just $129.99 [Lowest Price]

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