SwitchBot launches major promotions on Amazon on its products

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SwitchBot launches major promotions on Amazon on its products

SwitchBot, a well-known tech brand, has already started promoting its products in the USA through Amazon. The newly launched products will be on promotional sale until April 13. In this article, we will bring you all three products and the price available to purchase. 
Let’s start with the SwitchBot Meter Plus weather station.
The latter has a 3-inch screen that indicates the temperature with an accuracy of +/- 0.2°C and the hydrometry with an accuracy of 2%. Data is updated every 30 seconds. The weather station is Bluetooth enabled, ideal for monitoring information remotely on the app SwitchBot within a radius of 120 m. It’s internet storage can store up to 68 days of data.

On Amazon, you will find the SwitchBot Meter Plus weather station at a low price of $10.49 with code 10FZBANX.
Please continue with the SwitchBot Curtain, which simply makes it possible to motorize all types of curtains. The latter clips onto your curtain rod in seconds, and that’s it. Then you can control it directly from your mobile, open or close it, and even program these actions. It also incorporates a solar light sensor to automatically open or close the curtains depending on the outside light.

The SwitchBot Curtain has had a rechargeable battery for about eight months. You can also equip it with the solar panel option to no longer have to recharge it.

On Amazon, you will find the SwitchBot Curtain at the reduced price of $62.19 with the discount voucher 10FZBANX and the coupon to be activated on the site and the official website at the same price with the same code.

Let’s finally finish with the SwitchBot switch, a small robot adapting to many switches.
The principle is simple; it can press a switch automatically, all of which can be programmed from the mobile application. You get 600 hours of battery life with a replaceable battery. Installation takes only 5 seconds with no need to drill holes.
On Amazon, you will find the SwitchBot switch at the price of $20.19 with code 10FZBANX.


SwitchBot launches major promotions on Amazon on its products

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