T-Bao Tbook MN48H launched with Ryzen 7 4800 Processor

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T-Bao Tbook MN48H launched with Ryzen 7 4800 Processor

In April T-Bao, the company manufacturing the mini-computers has now come up with a new small desktop computer with upgraded features. The small desktop computer is known as T-BAO TBook MN48H, and it measures 19.8 X 19.8 X 4.8 cm. A big fan is placed in the machine to get a lot of air in. Let’s check why this small machine will help you at your workplace.

Features of T-BAO TBook MN48H:
The new desktop comes with the Ryzen 7 4800 processor which will support 32GB of RAM with 1TB of SSD. As mentioned, the machine comes with a large fan, and this will help to work more efficiently in terms of flow. The airflow will strongly be stirred and will benefit from quality ventilation. So, we cannot say the product will come with low sound.
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On the back of the MINI PC, we get the two SoDIMM slots, two M.2 2280 PCIe NVMe x4 ports as well as a 2.5? SATA slot. An M.2 2230 port is also available for the onboard wifi card. In short enough to build a high-end machine with some pretty impressive possibilities.

Video Outputs:
For video outputs, the PC comes with HDMI 2.0 and Displayport. To handle three display at the same time, the T-BAO TBook MN48H comes with the USB Type-C Socket which carries display signals. The power supply is entrusted to a power supply noted as 19.5 volts and 5.13 amps.

The availability of the OEM market seems to be much faster for AMD chips than for Intel solutions in the past. While we are now starting to see tenth-generation Intel Core chips in this sector fairly quickly, brands like T-BAO had to make do with much older generation chips in their assemblies for a long time. It is not uncommon to see OEM brands like this still offering fourth-generation Core.

This is voluntary on their part, of course, it allows them to offer cheaper MiniPCs. But it is also because the market has not offered, for a long time, Intel chips of the last generation as easily as today.
T-BAO is not a very well known brand, but we had already pinned them in September 2020 for a machine under Core i9 of the tenth generation. I pointed out then that this market is overrated on unsold products. If the Covid crisis boosted PC sales, it did not bring more money into the savings of buyers. Many have bought a PC but not necessarily a high-end machine. And the Core i9s are competing for head-on with the cheaper Ryzen 7 4800Hs that are now available.
T-Bao Tbook MN48H Price:
The small Desktop MINI PC T-BAO TBook MN48H is available at $789.99 from the Banggood store.

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T-Bao Tbook MN48H launched with Ryzen 7 4800 Processor

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