T-Bao TBOOK X11 laptop 14 inches launched with Ryzen 5

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T-Bao TBOOK X11 laptop 14 inches launched with Ryzen 5

February 1, 2022, the Chinese manufacturer T-Bao launched the new T-Bao TBOOK X11 14-inch notebook yesterday. The new laptop arrives with the old generation Ryzen 5, a beautiful design. Let’s dive into the article to check the laptop’s features here. 
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Features of T-Bao TBOOK X11:T-Bao TBOOK X11 Display:T-Bao TBOOK X11 Design:T-Bao TBOOK X11 Price:
Features of T-Bao TBOOK X11:
The OS is Windows 10, and Banggood says it also supports Windows 11. I always think about it, but why don’t Chinese manufacturers specify the version as “Home” or “Pro”? I think Banggood is also Banggood. Well, in the case of this product, if you think that it is the Home version, for the time being, I think that it will not be a problem at a later date. In the last few years, I haven’t heard about “OS fraud (like T-Bao did before)”, and if the OS is not a regular version, Banggood will take responsibility for it. Must.
The CPU is an older generation Ryzen 5 3550U. The performance is inferior to the current generation Ryzen 5, but it is still sufficiently high compared to Celeron. You can choose 8GB of RAM and 256GB / 512GB of storage.

T-Bao TBOOK X11 Display:
The display is 14.1 inch IPS liquid crystal, FHD resolution, and standard specifications if you look only at the numerical values. In addition, there are a total of four USB ports for input and output ports, which I think is doing well for a mobile notebook of this size. However, Chinese manufacturers describe “USB Type-C” and “rarely explain” the standard in most cases.
I think the size is incorrect. Thickness 5 mm. It seems that this is the thinnest part, but it is an unnatural value, so it should not be used as a reference.
Since it is 14 inches (14.1 inches), let’s compare the size with Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Gen 8). The reason for comparing it with the old model Gen 8 is “because the display’s aspect ratio is the same as TBOOK X11” (after Gen9, the aspect ratio is 16:10, which is a different shape from 16: 9 TBOOK X11. is). However, there is no point in comparing the thickness, so ignore it.

TBOOK X11: 325 x 215 x 5 (thinnest part) mm / 1.35 kg

ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Gen9): 323 x 217 x 14.95 mm / 1.09 kg
You can say “pass” for vertical and horizontal sizes. Also, regarding the weight, it is a bit pitiful to compare it with the ThinkPad series flagship model X1 Carbon, which uses carbon material. 1.35 kg is a little heavy for a mobile notebook, but it’s also a 14-inch size, and I think it’s like this.
T-Bao TBOOK X11 Design:
I compared the size with the ThinkPad X1 Carbon above. Still, there was almost no difference in vertical and horizontal size, so this image is probably not large (image processed) and finished properly in a narrow bezel. Think. The housing material is aluminum alloy.
 There was no enlarged keyboard image, but it is a type with a row to the right of the Enter key, and speakers are placed on the left and right of the keyboard surface. The key pitch and keystrokes are unknown, but it seems to have plenty of room because it is 14 inches in size.

T-Bao TBOOK X11 Price:
T-Bao TBOOK X11 has a status of “arrival notification” on the Chinese mail order site “Banggood”, and sales have not started yet. The reference price as of January 31 is $ 599.99 for the 256GB storage version and $ 619.99 for the 512GB storage version. This price is equipped with 14-inch Ryzen 5, which is not particularly attractive as a Chinese mobile notebook. You can buy a mobile notebook with a newer generation of Ryzen at a price similar to Lenovo’s IdeaPad series and DELL’s Inspiron 14 series.
In the case of Chinese notebooks, it seems that it is a way to choose the royal road in a sense that the “entry model equipped with Celeron”, which is thin for domestic manufacturer products, is around 30,000 yen, and when it comes to higher specifications, Lenovo and DELL It feels like it’s competing with bargains, so it’s less affordable. Furthermore, in the case of this product, even Ryzen is equipped with the 3000 series. 
I think that it will be worth considering if the sale of this product starts and the sale drops to the mid-50,000 yen range.

Buy new T-BAO TBOOK X11 14-inch laptop here for just $599.99 (Introductory Offer- Banggood)


T-Bao TBOOK X11 laptop 14 inches launched with Ryzen 5

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