Teclast F6 Air- 13.3 inch thin and lightweight convertible 2 in 1, unfortunately the CPU model number is a little old

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Teclast F6 Air- 13.3 inch thin and lightweight convertible 2 in 1, unfortunately the CPU model number is a little old

Teclast has released Convertible 2 in 1 “Teclast F6 Air”. According to my memory, this product was announced to be released simultaneously as the 11-inch tablet ” T50 ” in October last year. Still, it was not released globally, including the T50, and Banggood finally came here to handle it. Have started.
Although the specifications are a little old, it is a product that I would like to pay attention to in the future minor version upgrades and changes in the actual selling price.

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1. Teclast F6 Air specs2.Teclast F6 Air chassis3.Teclast F6 Air price etc.4. Related links
1. Teclast F6 Air specs
Spec table

Teclast F6 Air

Windows 10 (Windows 11 upgrade possible)

Intel Celeron N4100

external GPU



optical drive

13.3 inch IPS (1,920 x 1,080) touch

802.11 a/b/g/n/ac?Bluetooth 4.2

Input / output
USB Type-C, USB 3.0, microSD card reader, audio jack

Web camera (2MP)

41.8 Wh

322.1 x 219.3 x 20.9 mm (wrong)

1.25 kg

The OS is Windows 10; following the example of a Chinese PC, it is not disclosed whether it is the Home version or the Pro version, but according to Banggood, it is possible to upgrade to Windows 11.
The CPU is Celeron N4100, which is an old model number. I think this product, Teclast, has some strategy, but I’m a little skeptical about this model number. Why not Jasper Lake (Celeron N5100, etc.) … I would like to expect minor changes in the CPU model number in the future.
RAM is 8GB, and storage is 256GB SSD, but when it comes to storage, there is probably an SSD slot on the bottom, and it seems possible to replace it with a larger capacity one (all modern Teclast PCs have this structure. increase).
The display is a 13.3 inch IPS liquid crystal display with FHD resolution, touchable compatibility, and pen input corresponding to 1024 levels of pen pressure is also possible. There was no detailed information on the Banggood product page about the pens used with this product.

The input/output ports are a bit poor for a 13.3-inch product: only one USB Type-C (supports video output) and one USB Type-A. The rest is a microSD card reader and earphone jack, so there is a sense of insufficiency in connecting peripheral devices.
It is considerably lighter than the conventional Teclast F6 Plus. It is from 1.6 kg to 1.25 kg of F6 Plus. Also, regarding the size, the numbers posted by Banggood are incorrect. A 13.3-inch laptop with 5 mm left and right bezels are less than 322 mm wide. The thickness was described as “20.9 mm” on the Banggood product page, but it is “about 13 mm” on the product PR image. Teclast has an 11.6-inch convertible 2 in 1 ” F5 ” thickness of 13 mm, so even this F6 Air could be “really 13 mm”.
2.Teclast F6 Air chassis
Please note: Teclast product images are unreliable. In particular, the “thickness of the housing” and “width of the bezel of the display” are mostly image-processed. So, although it is an official image of the manufacturer, please understand that it is “half the story”.

This is the view from the front. Probably the image has been processed, but according to the manufacturer’s announcement, “the width of the left and right bezels is 5 mm”, so I think that the actual machine is also a fairly narrow bezel.

Teclast prime image

It’s a side view, but it’s already a story image. I think it’s only about 3 mm thick. Teclast has been focusing on the Japanese market recently, but I think, “If so, don’t lie!” It can be said that this is the corporate attitude that Japanese customers dislike most. It is a previous problem that the system specifications are high or low.
Wintab has reviewed the actual Teclast products many times in the past and highly appreciates the housing quality. I think that this F6 Air also has high housing quality, but it is a pity that this manufacturer’s attitude does not change easily.

It’s a keyboard. The left and right margins (room, 6 mm) are narrow, and it seems to be quite spacious for 13.3 inches. In addition, the key pitch is very wide at 20 mm (the key pitch of a typical notebook PC is 19 mm, which is rarely seen), and the top key size is as large as 17 mm x 17 mm.

Arrangement of side and input/output ports. This image may be relatively “small”. However, the port configuration is still a bit poor.
3.Teclast F6 Air price etc.

Teclast F6 Air is on sale at the Chinese online shopping site “Banggood”, and the price as of February 27 is 399.99 dollars. Coupons will be issued in the future, and I think it will be possible to purchase at a lower price.
As I mentioned initially, this product was announced for release in October last year. A few months later, it started selling at Banggood, but I think that it would be Jasper Lake if it were released now. I think that the Celeron N4100 from Gemini Lake can be used for relatively light work, but if you want to pay more than 399.99 dollars, I would like to use Jasper Lake.

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Teclast F6 Air- 13.3 inch thin and lightweight convertible 2 in 1, unfortunately the CPU model number is a little old

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