Teclast T40 will launch Soon: 2K full screen, equipped with Tiger T618

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Teclast T40 will launch Soon: 2K full screen, equipped with Tiger T618

According to Teclast’s official news, the Teclast T40 Android tablet will be released on march 31, with a 2K full-fit screen and equipped with a Tiger’s T618 processor.
The Teclast T40 will be so popular, in the final analysis, it is the product’s competitive advantage. The front is a 2K full-screen, in which the 2K resolution essentially guarantees the picture clarity and the viewing experience is more comfortable; the full-screen technology improves the touch. Control response speed and sensitivity, and fully enhance the interactive experience.

Metal backplane:
As an important support for human-computer interaction, the material structure of the backplane has also begun to become the focus of users. Among them, Teclast T40 will be made of metal material this time, which is different from the plastic backplane (low hardness, easy to scratch, and heat dissipation). Poor performance), the metal backboard has a fine and skin-friendly texture, stronger wear resistance and heat dissipation, and longer service life.
T618 chip + 2K full screen:
The former has crossed 210,000 points in the Antutu running software, which provides hardware guarantee for system operation; the latter is a combination of high resolution and sensitive touch, optimized Improved screen clarity and touch response speed, further improving the Teclast T40 interactive experience.

8000mAh+ fast charge:
The Teclast T40 large battery guarantees the supply time, and the fast charge increases the charging speed, shortens the charging time, and solves the worry of insufficient power for the “users” who use heavy electricity.

Gyroscope + 4 speakers + built-in dual microphones:
The gyroscope can measure rotation and deflection, accurately analyze and judge the actual actions of the Teclast T40 user; 4 speakers enrich the visual and auditory sense, and can create a body when watching movies. Immersive experience; dual microphones can better capture sound, which provides basic guarantee for both parties to talk.

From these functions, it is not difficult to see that Teclast T40 is not only superior to the hardware configuration, but also the software tuning is meticulous, refined in the detail scale, and starting from the quality
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Teclast T40 will launch Soon: 2K full screen, equipped with Tiger T618

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