Urikar Pro 3 Massage Gun Review: An amazing massager with lots of features

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Urikar Pro 3 Massage Gun Review: An amazing massager with lots of features

Urikar has launched yet another model, the Pro 3, which is a massage gun that can do wonders for your well-being. Whether for those who do sport, or who spend a lot of time sitting, thus accumulating a lot of tension in the muscles. This massage gun is a percussive machine, with therapeutic indications for recovery and treatment of muscles and tendons. We are opportune to have one from the company for review. Sit back, and read this article to the end, and surely, you would have a good time.
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The Urikar Pro 3 Percussion Massager comes in a stylish red and black cover that is properly sealed. When you open the sealed box, you would find a nice solid black bag that you can use to carry the amazing device all around. The device doesn’t weigh much, so it is very easy to carry around, with this in mind, the manufacturers came up with the amazing bag.

The carrier bag is also stylish with Urikar crested on the right button side. I was particularly astonished by this bag considering the quality of the material used in making it, from the handle to the zip and even the bag material itself.

Now, you would get the see the amazing Urikar Pro 3 Percussion Massager and the various heads of the device inside the carton. Inside the cartoon is also a user manual and charger. Reading this manual would guide you through the user process, making it very easy for you.

The Urikar Pro 3 Percussion Massager weighs in at 32 ounces. It comes packaged within a well-padded case along with six massage heads, a user’s guide, and a charging adapter. The complete kit, including the massage gun, tips the scale at 3.4 pounds. This massager is 7.5 inches long. Its 8-inch reversible handle houses a 2600mAh Lithium battery.

A slide switch positioned at the base of its handle applies power to the device. It can be set to one of 30 different speeds via an LED control panel located at the back of the gun. A counter keeps track of elapsed time.

Urikar Pro 3: Super silent motor
The 45w brushless motor with QuietPower ™ technology has unmatched performance. It can generate up to 45lbs of pressure at 3400rpm and stimulate various muscle groups up to 14mm deep. Relieve muscle tension, overload stress by accelerating recovery, with minimal sound impact. The integrated AI chip makes these functions smart, and below you can see Urikar Pro 3 in action:

The biggest advantage over other products in the category is the variable speed. Urikar Pro 3 has a range of 30 speeds ranging between 1800 and 3400 rpm. The head of the massaging body is also adjustable as needed and can be turned 180 degrees.

Urikar declares that in this way it is possible to reach 95% of the body and maintain a grip on the gun that does not tire the arm, the way to complete the massage in a comfortable way. The replacement heads supplied are 6 different , to be able to choose the one that best suits each part of the body and obtain maximum performance.
Battery and Grip top of the category
The built-in lithium battery has a capacity of 2600mAh and 600 minutes of continuous use. Translated, for 10 min a day of massage you have 60 days of use available on a single charge, intelligently managed by the AI ??chip.
The same AI chip is also used to control the innovative noise reduction function. The brushless motor mentioned previously, in fact, generates only 42dB of noise and at maximum speed. A versatility that makes the product also comfortable to carry and use in the office.
The minimal design of Urikar Pro 3 is specially designed to guarantee the best grip. It is also equipped with an HD touch screen where you can interact and adjust the rotation speed, smart functions and always have the usage time under control.
This is the easiest-to-operate massage gun that I have ever used. Shove in the appropriate massage head and switch on the main power. Then tap the power icon on the control panel. Each time you press the ? or ? symbol, the rate of vibration will increase or decrease.

The Urikar Pro 3 generates a percussive massage, beating the attached head repetitively against the user’s muscles. This softens muscle tissue and soothes the area around them, promoting blood flow and relieving stiffness. Difficult to reach areas can be more easily accessed by twisting the massage gun’s handle 180 degrees.
The display panel incorporates a power level indicator and keeps track of elapsed time.

Pro 3 is designed for those who practice exercises regularly, having a considerable saving on a professional massage. The Pro 3 package comes with a charger, a convenient travel bag, and 6 massage heads at an introductory price of only $139.99.
Urikar Pro 3 is now also available on the official Amazon store. For more information, you can always consult the official Urikar.com website
Urikar Pro 3 is available for $139.99
It has a brushless motor and allows a deep massage. This in order to resolve muscle pain, relieve tension and accelerate physical recovery. According to Urikar, this model reaches 3400 revolutions per minute and stimulates muscle groups to a depth of 14 mm. The battery can withstand 600 minutes of use. The Urikar Pro 3 is available for $139.99.
Buy The Urikar Pro 3 Massage Gun For $139.99XiaomiToday Best Deal

Urikar Pro 3 Massage Gun Review: An amazing massager with lots of features

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