Vimillo S3 4K GPS Drone For Just $89.72 [Limited Sale]

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Vimillo S3 4K GPS Drone For Just $89.72 [Limited Sale]

The Vimillo S3 4K Drone has all the standard features provided by others, plus a few extras. It is high so that the shell of your drone is never in danger. At the same time, it also has these soft rubber shock absorbers. Even during a hard landing, the shock never reaches the drone. The Vimillo S3 also has voice control. Simply activate voice command mode and speak the commands you want the drone to follow.
Buy Vimillo S3 4K Drone at $89.72 on Aliexpress
The Vimillo S3 has a cool look. It has a strong ABS plastic casing which protects the more fragile interior parts very well. It is shaped like a 4-rayed star, which sets it apart from drones of its size. With a weight of 80.5G, you just have to buy the drone and fly it, without worrying about registering it with the FAA. This is not required within this weight limit. The size is impressive. It places the drone between large and medium for consumer drones. It measures approximately 13×8.3×5.7cm.

The Vimillo S3 will follow you automatically and capture your movement with a particular aerial view. The lens of the camera goes only to point at the mobile phone and remain a constant distance to the mobile phone. Thanks to Gimbal, the camera remains stable in all directions and the video image is completely different compared to the video captured by an unstabilized camera. The slight fluctuation caused by the wind does not interfere with the shooting, but you can shoot really spectacular videos even in a light mood.

Allow you to see what your drone sees, for shooting from a designated location or just looking around. The 5G WIFI real-time transmission distance reaches 800m. Equipped with 4K cameras, amazing photos, and videos from the sky, with a stable gimbal, the drone record vibration-free video footage.

The heavier standard battery allows a maximum autonomy of 25 minutes, while the lighter Pro battery guarantees 31 minutes. It is probably an option to keep the price low in oriental, purely Asian countries, where there is no need for a range below 250 grams.
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Where To Buy
Vimillo S3 4K GPS Drone is now available on Aliexpress For Just $89.72 on Flash sale. Click the following button for order now:
Buy Vimillo S3 4K Drone at $89.72 on Aliexpress

Vimillo S3 4K GPS Drone For Just $89.72 [Limited Sale]

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