Viomi Alpha UV Vacuum Cleaner Now Available at $749.99| Pre-Sale

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Viomi Alpha UV Vacuum Cleaner Now Available at $749.99| Pre-Sale

Recently, Xiaomi’s ecological chain company VIOMI has released a dust-collecting sweeping and dragging robot VIOMI Alpha UV, which eliminates the need to change the dust box by hand.
At present, due to the epidemic, people will spend relatively more time at home, which also greatly increases the frequency of housework. Faced with the ground that needs to be cleaned every day, relying only on hands is really a little bit more effective, and it will take up a lot of rest time, so many people choose to buy a sweeping robot this year. As a new type of home appliance with relatively fast technological update, the product iteration frequency of robot cleaners is also relatively high. If consumers don’t know enough, they are likely to buy outdated products. If you want to listen to professional opinions in front of the screen, you may wish to consider this VIOMI Alpha UV Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Viomi Alpha UV Specs:
Brand: VIOMI
Type: Vacuum Cleaner
Model: Alpha UV
Color: Black
Battery Capacity: 5200mAh
Rated Voltage: Main Unit: 14.4V, Automatic Suction Station: 24V 1.5A
Rated Power: Main Unit: 50W, Automatic Suction Station: 950W
Rated Input: 220V 10A
Climbing Ability: 20mm
Suction: 2700Pa
Dust Bag: 3L(Replaceable dust bag)
Water Tank: 250ml
Water Control: Smart electronic with 3 level constant pressure water control
Weight & Size
Product Weight: Main Unit 3.8kg, Automatic Suction Station 4.0kg
Package Weight: 11.3kg
Product Size(L x W x H): Main Unit 350 x 350 x 98mm, Dirt disposal 356 x 250 x 193mm
Package Size(L x W x H): 411 x 411 x 435mm
Viomi Alpha UV Features:
Strong Suction950W high-power motor, 2700pa suction force brings strong dust collection capacity, easy to collect tiny dust.
UV Steri-cleaning ExpertThe effective rate of ultraviolet sterilization reaches 99.99%.
Effectively kill 5 kinds of floor bacteria,helping you to eliminate threats .
Auto-Dumping 2.0Automatic dust collector can help you collect garbage, free your hands, and enjoy daily cleaning.
After the dust bag is full, the LED screen and APP gray remind you to change the bag.
LDS 2.0 Al Laser MappingMulti-map storage,accurate restorationof the house type.

The latest intelligent dust collection system can automatically dump garbage

If products such as sweeping robots are not used in depth, most people’s attention may be on sweeping performance. Whether it can clean the floor is important, but if you use it for a long time, you will find that the cleaning of the sweeping robot is also very troublesome. Since traditional sweeping robots are designed with a built-in dust box, they have to be taken out for cleaning after a week of use, and they have to be brushed and washed. Not to mention the trouble. In the process, dirty hands cannot be avoided, and a little carelessness will cause Dust leaks out, causing secondary pollution.

This Viomi Alpha UV Robot Vacuum Cleaner adopts a new dust collecting design, which can automatically store and process the garbage collected by the machine. Users only need to change the dust bag once a month or so. . Its dust collection system combines the charging base with the dust collection box. When the sweeping robot returns to the base for charging after working, the dust collection system will suck the garbage in the sweeping robot into the dust bag of the dust collection box through the suction function , This process only takes a few seconds.

It is worth mentioning that the dust collection function of Viomi Alpha UV Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a newly upgraded version 2.0. Compared with the previous generation of technology, not only the air duct is designed more scientifically, but also it is added humanely. Visual LED indication function. The user can keep track of the power remaining of the sweeper and the filling status of the dust bag at any time to facilitate timely replacement. With such a comprehensive set of dust collection functions, It can undoubtedly save users a lot of time and energy.

Super cleaning ability and intelligent cleaning plan

Whether the sweeping robot can clean the ground is mainly related to two factors. The first is the cleaning ability of the machine itself, including suction, function, etc.; the second is the planning ability of the system, such as whether it has environmental detection and laser navigation. The function of the class. The performance of Viomi Alpha UV Robot Vacuum Cleaner is quite good on these two items. It is equipped with a brushless motor imported from Japan, which can produce super suction power of up to 2700Pa, whether it is dust or hair. Differential cleaning.

In terms of environment detection and path planning, the Viomi Alpha UV Robot Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with a brand-new LDS2.0 system, which can quickly scan the environment through laser, and combine with AI algorithms to quickly calculate a scientific and reasonable cleaning path. 

Constant Electricity Controlled Water Tank Disposable Hygienic Mop

In addition to sweeping the floor, mopping is also a major advantage of the Viomi Alpha UV Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Different from the ordinary sweeper on the market, it uses a more high-end constant voltage controlled water tank. The water seepage speed is not affected by the water volume, and it is always balanced and consistent. It can handle the workload of a larger area without causing bubbles. Damage the wooden floor.

In order to avoid contact between the human body and bacteria to the greatest extent, the Xiaomi Viomi Alpha UV Robot Vacuum Cleaner also incorporates a disposable mop design. After the mop is used, it does not need to be cleaned and can be discarded directly, which is very convenient. At the same time, when the device left the factory, the manufacturer also gave away 10 disposable mops, which is enough to experience for a long time, and you can purchase them through official channels in the future.

In normal daily situations, the price of this Viomi Alpha UV Robot Vacuum Cleaner is generally around $799. For the upcoming Geekbuying Mega sale, this product has also participated in a limited time promotion. Now you can get it for just $749.99 during Pre-sale offer.

Where to buy Xiaomi Viomi Alpha UV Robot Vacuum Cleaner?
Product is shipped from the European warehouse of Geekbuying, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!
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Viomi Alpha UV Vacuum Cleaner Now Available at $749.99| Pre-Sale

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