Why is INMOTION V12 HT Best Off-Road Electric Unicycle?

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Why is INMOTION V12 HT Best Off-Road Electric Unicycle?

The newly released INMOTION V12 HT electric unicycle with a 2800W motor generates superior 188Nm torque. So, climbing a 45-degree uphill incline, road or mountain is easy. Finding the best off-road electric unicycle or one-wheel scooter is not easy. However, the new V12 solo wheel packs a 1,750Wh battery to cover 99 miles. There are 16-inch off-road tires, a double bumper e-unicycle design, and a compact trolley handle to carry with comfort. You can enjoy your ride because there are built-in speakers, RGB lights on both sides, and mobile app support. This electric monowheel is full of features and powerful climbing ability.

INMOTION V12 HT Best Off Road Electric Unicycle
The best off-road electric unicycle requires power. It is why not only a 2800W motor with 188Nm torque is what this single-wheel scooter packs but an optimized driver board. Also, the INMOTION V12 HT review shows that it has many valuable features and enhanced durability. Because of the latest upgrades, this electric monowheel increases 23% output to climb up to 45-degrees. A Smart BMS and battery failure warning system provides safe rides. All faults are detected intelligently, and the user is alerted promptly. Plus, there are adaptive pedals that adjust according to the riders. An improved LCD Smart touch screen further makes commuting easy.

“With this rugged INMOTION brand style-and -feel attributes, V12 high torque version is made for adventure, totally capturing the spirit of our brand’s DNA to climb hills with ease.” Said Bob Anderson, the R&D director of INMOTION.

Spec Sheet

Main Body:
19.6×7.5×23.9 inch

Typical Range:
96 miles

Charging Time:
9 hrs

Rated Power:

Max Torque:

Max Speed:

Max Slope:

Max Payload:

Net Weight:

1750Wh, IPX7 Waterproof, 88.8V

16-inch, 3-inch wide, Off-Road Tires

Motor Size:

IP Rating:

OTA Update:
Yes, Smart Phone App

2.4-inch LCD Touch Screen

Phone Charging Port:
Yes, USB-C

Age Requirement:
16-50 years old

RGB Lights, Speakers, INMOTION Mobile Application, and More
Riding streets in style at night is what this best electric unicycle offers. You can connect it with a smartphone app and customize the RGB lights on both sides for rides at night. Also, the new version of the V12 INMOTION best off road electric unicycle, has four built-in speakers. So, enjoy riding this e-unicycle. An intelligent color touch screen provides all the controls at your fingertips. A highly bright LED headlight, auto headlight, ambient lighting, and auto high/dipped lights add to the features. An easy-to-use compact trolley handle makes it fun to carry around or store at will.

Full Control, Adaptive Pedals, and Exclusive Split Mode
There are some extra customizable features for the riders. An Exclusive Split Mode allows you to create bespoke settings according to your liking. You can connect INMOTION V12 HT with a smartphone app for controlling pedal sensitivity, commuting or off-road mode, Split Ride Modes, etc. There are also dual bumpers for keeping the riders safe. Moreover, the adaptive pedals are easy to adjust for individuals. Plus, the road grip is strong to ride on any terrain. Such powerful motor and torque allow you even to climb San Francisco’s most challenging streets.

Price and Availability
The INMOTION V12 HT (High Torque) electric unicycle price is the US $2,299 at AliExpress. Also, you can visit the Official INMOTION Store for more information about the best electric unicycles and electric scooters.

Buy INMOTION V12 HT for just $2,299!
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Why is INMOTION V12 HT Best Off-Road Electric Unicycle?

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