Xiaomi 12 Ultra price revealed: Launching Soon

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Xiaomi 12 Ultra price revealed: Launching Soon

March 7, 2022, since 2020, from the date Xiaomi launched its Xiaomi 10 series, the Ultra smartphone of every series from the company has become the most-powerful super-sized cup for the company. In 2022, the company is up for its new high-end model (Xiaomi 12 Ultra). The smartphone will be the successor to the Xiaomi 11 Ultra launched last year. We have already started receiving leaks about the smartphone. Like yesterday, we got the design leaked, and Xiaomi Today again today is the first to bring the price of the new launching smartphone.
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About Xiaomi 12 Ultra Price:
About Xiaomi 12 Ultra Price:
Yesterday, the tipster revealed the smartphone’s design, which we can see in our last article here.
Also, another leak yesterday came from Ice Universe, which reveals the new smartphone will launch with the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 Plus processor. This is the very first time any company will be using the processor. According to the reports, we expect the new processor to be faster than the Snapdragon 8 Gen1.

Today, Xiaomi Today get the leaks about the price of the new smartphone. According to the reports, the Xiaomi 12 Ultra will be launched at 5499 Yuan, about $869. The price of Ultra is about $100 more than that of the Pro version. In the leaks, we can see that the smartphone might arrive in two color variants, i.e., Matte Black and White.

On the back, the Xiaomi 12 Ultra features the Oreo Circular cameras, and the cameras’ specs are still unknown. The last year’s high-end model (Xiaomi 11 Ultra) was launched with the dual-screen, but we might not see this on the smartphone in this year’s. The only feature we know about the camera is that 12 Ultra might get the 5X telephoto lens and the imaging effect.


Xiaomi 12 Ultra price revealed: Launching Soon

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