Xiaomi Band 7 specs revealed: Featuring a larger screen

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Xiaomi Band 7 specs revealed: Featuring a larger screen

A few hints dropped on March 4, 2022, late-night yesterday, which gives a hint for the new Xiaomi Band 7. Xiaomi Today combines all the leaks to bring our readers the best update available about the smart band. If you are using the Xiaomi Mi Band 6, you might like to upgrade your older band with the updated features and a larger screen? In this article, we look to the future of the most popular budget fitness band. We bring our take on the new fitness band with the possible features and specs along with the release date.

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Features of Xiaomi Band 7:Display:Physical Button:Battery:
Features of Xiaomi Band 7:
The leak of the fitness band arrives from the MagicUnicorn, where we get the code name of the model on the Zeff app. The code name of the band is L66, revealing two models, i.e., M2130B1 and M2129B1. Here two models mean one Xiaomi Mi Band 7 with NFC and one without NFC. So, similar to its predecessor, the smart band will make you make contactless payments.

The new band will arrive with a larger screen compared to its predecessor in terms of design. Since the launch of the first Mi band, the company has been bumping the screen every year in a row. In Xiaomi band 6, we get a 1.56-inch AMOLED display that increased from 1.1-inch before in 2020. The company is shrinking the bezels around the edges every year, and now we again expect the band to arrive with very few bezels.

It looks like Xiaomi is going on the route of Huawei and Honor. This might be because the latest version of the Honor band comes with a larger screen (1.64-inch) from Xiaomi band 6 (1.56-inch). The recent patent of Xiaomi band 7 in China looks like the current generation of Huawei and Honor bands. If this patent becomes real, there might be a burn line between the bands, as Xiaomi might be questionable using the same design from other companies.
Below, we have also managed to bring some watch faces that we might get in the Xiaomi Mi Band 7. This shows that there will be a rich selection from the stock. Along with this, we will get the “Always on Display”.

Physical Button:
Even though the Band 7 is capable of doing all the activities on its own, it still arrives with the physical button for extreme conditions or while you are wearing gloves. The seventh-generation band gets a capacitive button similar to some Fitbit bands and other smartwatches.
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We expect the battery of the 7th generation to be more fueled and can run for about two weeks. The greater battery life has been the key feature of Xiaomi fitness bands for the last few years.
The heavy features of the Xiaomi band 7 will strain the battery of the band. But we will also get the power saving mode, which will help it keep going for long.
The new Xiaomi Band 7 gets the 5ATM water resistance, which means it will be safer while swimming and doing other activities.

Xiaomi Band 7 specs revealed: Featuring a larger screen

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