Xiaomi Duka LI1 laser Rangefinder now in crowdfunding

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Xiaomi Duka LI1 laser Rangefinder now in crowdfunding

June 12, 2021, Chinese tech. Giant today launches the new Xiaomi Duka LI1 laser rangefinder under Crowdfunding. The product launches under the sub-brand Youpin at the price of $16.

Features of Xiaomi Duka LI1 Laser RangeFinder:
The new product comes with the capability of high-precision measurement. It comes with a double-sided high-definition LED screen. The body of the Rangefinder is made up of Aluminium with a matte finish. With the help of a micro-electromechanical system, it achieves the high-precision measurement with an accuracy of 0.5 degrees.

The rangefinder is capable to achieve a 360-degree view in an engineering environment. With this, it can measure two axes at the same time. Also, it is perfect equipment for the space operations like ceiling, wall edges and stairs. We also get the detachable tripod stand made of aluminium.

For the measurement, the DUKE LI1 uses the red LED with high brightness consuming less energy. The perfection comes from the width of the line which is 1mm. The strong penetration power ensures the beam is clear for all distances.

To keep it safe on rainy days, the Xiaomi DUKE LI1 Laser rangefinder comes with an IP54 rating. The metal and aluminium shell will protect it from any sudden drop. The matte material will not allow scratches and fingerprints on the body. The weight of the product is only 70grams, so it is easy to carry and operate.

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Xiaomi Duka LI1 laser Rangefinder now in crowdfunding

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