Xiaomi joypal AI massage Chair now in the crowdfunding

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Xiaomi joypal AI massage Chair now in the crowdfunding

 June 11, 2021, Xiaomi launches the new Xiaomi joypal Ai massage Chair in crowdfunding. The chair not only comes with a 10,000 Yuan chair function but also the magic Sound effects and massage rhythm. It supports five-speed movement intensity adjustment, five-speed inflation adjustment, and custom programming to customize your exclusive needs. At present, Xiaomi Youpin is crowdfunding and you can receive a 200 yuan coupon. The starting price is 4799 yuan~

Features of Xiaomi joypal AI massage Chair:
Using the Hi-Fi audio DSP amplifier of the well-known American brand MONSTER, ultra-low distortion, strong and delicate, the massage chair movement is percussive with the rhythm of movies, games, and music, and it is dynamic and moves with the sound. Break the monotony of conventional massage in the past. And now experience the most shocking 5D dynamic cinema three-dimensional massage experience. In terms of hearing, touch and motion.

 Built-in 3D finger kneading movement, scraping back massage, gentle tapping, rhythm tapping, delicate tapping. The movement stimulates the opening and closing of the fingers. And applying vertical force, reaching deep fascia tissues, and dredging the meridians.

The ultra-long SL double massage rails increase the massage area and fit the human body curve of the waist and buttocks more deeply. With the 3D induction system, the massage intensity is automatically adjusted with the body; the whole body airbag is wrapped in three-dimensional warmth, and the air pressure is used for elasticity and strength. Weak adjustment; full-wrapped calf massage, super-large three-dimensional wrapped compression effect, simulating delicate massage; full-plantar roller acupressure design designed for the reflex area of ??the internal organs of the sole of the human body and the acu-points in the centre of the foot, refreshing, no pain, and invigorating blood.
 The master’s traditional Chinese medicine treatment, the gentle technique takes care of every inch of skin so that sleepiness is full. Comfortable and relaxing~ It provides automatic programs suitable for different groups of people, different living habits, and is also available. Xiao Ai can control it.
 Two-colour schemes are available, technical grey & rose gold. Bright white & fresh green, full injection bright colour shell, futuristic touch screen quick control, visual fashion without losing a sense of leisure.

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Xiaomi joypal AI massage Chair now in the crowdfunding

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