Xiaomi Mechanical Watch U Blue Planet in crowdfunding

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Xiaomi Mechanical Watch U Blue Planet in crowdfunding

February 11, 2022, the news today from the Chinese Giant (Xiaomi) is the company is to bring the new smartwatch to the industry in the mechanical edition. Finally, today Xiaomi brings the Xiaomi Mechanical Watch U blue planet on the shelves. According to the reports, the company has decided only to manufacture 1500 pieces of the watch. Now the watch is in crowdfunding at 4399 Yuan ($690 approx).
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As we already know, the CIGA is a sub-brand of Xiaomi is known for mechanical watches. In the ecological chain, the company has added its first smartwatch to crowdfunding. The smartwatch was launched to thank the Xiaomi fans, and it is limited to only 1500 pieces, and only Xiaomi Youpin users will be eligible to buy the device. 

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Features of Xiaomi Mechanical Watch U:
Features of Xiaomi Mechanical Watch U:
Traditional watches have always presented the hour hand turning 30° and the minute hand turning 360° in hours, minutes, and seconds. The U-series blue planet simulates the earth’s rotation and has created a non-synchronous tracking movement.

Xiaomi Mechanical Watch U subverts the gear ratio of the traditional movement. It presents the static clock disc and dynamic minute disc on one dial simultaneously so that the hour hand rotates 30° and the minute hand rotates 390°. Also, a single dot can indicate the function of hours and minutes.

The inspiration of its movement comes from the sundial, the oldest human timer created by the Chinese. The R&D team’s original asynchronous follow-up technology movement won the Red Dot Supreme Award as early as 2013, and this technology has passed 8 years. polishing and research, and finally realize the whole wrist. The appearance of the table is extreme.
 In terms of design, the Xiaomi Mechanical Watch U uses micro-engraving technology to restore the real sea-land ratio of the earth, showing the altitude of mountains, oceans, and other terrains. The time-reading hands are ingeniously integrated into the marine layout in the form of nautical markers, and the inspiration of the “no hands” watch is presented—state-of-the-art microscopic vision, allowing the vast planet to be placed on the wrist.


Xiaomi Mechanical Watch U Blue Planet in crowdfunding

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