Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Review: Best Bracelet in The Full-Screen Era

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Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Review: Best Bracelet in The Full-Screen Era

Smart bracelets are now the best companion for smartphones, making bracelets the highest-selling category of wearable devices. But with the “bracelet-type” smartwatches rising fiercely in the past two years, let’s start to discuss the boundary between the bracelet and the watch. Xiaomi released the new Xiaomi Mi Band 6 recently, which once again expanded the screen’s display area on the bracelet, which made it once again successfully aroused such discussions. If the difference between the bracelet and the watch is only the screen Shape, how much room does it leave for so-called “professional users” for expensive “band-type” watches?
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As before, this generation of Mi Band 6 is also divided into a regular version and an NFC version. This time we got the Mi Band 6 NFC version, which supports the most versatile including bank cards, bus cards, and access cards. NFC function. The Mi Band 6 is still the classic “grain” shape, the overall size and weight are not much different from the previous generations of products, but its biggest feature is that it is really upgraded to a full-screen design. Previously, the Mi Band 5 was in the rest screen state. It looks like a whole black screen, but when the bracelet is lit, the upper and lower areas are actually just “camouflage”, and the display area is only the rectangular part in the middle.
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Mi Band 6 NFC version
The millet bracelet full-screen design 6, the smart bracelet classic “grain of rice” to achieve the ultimate form, for the first time equipped with a 1.56 inches screen round-shaped runway on the bracelet product, compared to previous generation products, the dial 50% increase in area, So that the entire front of the bracelet becomes a complete screen, making better use of the space of the bracelet, and it can also display more information and content during use.

The “Mi grains” of the bracelet and the strap are still detachable.

In addition to the full screen with a larger display area, the screen specifications of the Mi Band 6 have also been greatly improved. The display has a fineness of 326PPI retina and has a resolution of about 74,000 pixels (152×486), while the Mi Band 5 has only about 37,000 resolution (126×294). Therefore, from the actual experience of use, the Mi Band 6 has a better viewing effect, especially when displaying text content such as notifications and messages, it is clearer, even if you look closely, there will be no obvious grain and jagged feeling.
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New gesture operation
In addition, it is also due to the changes brought about by the full-screen design. This time the Mi Band 6 cancels the physical touch buttons under the Mi Band 5 and uses a brand new gesture operation. You can switch between different functions and settings by sliding on the screen, and you can quickly return to the main interface at the same time.
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Health monitoring sensor
Continuation of the bracelet 5 without disassembly magnetic charging
More high-quality golden ring buckle design
The strap is made of a skin-friendly plastic material, which is very comfortable to wear, without hands or hard conditions, and this time Xiaomi Mi Band 6 provides a large number of 8 colour wristbands, including graphite black, thermal orange, Lotus root powder, green pine green, sun yellow, ivory white, rose-purple, sky blue, 4 of which are new colours.
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Switch between different watch faces

100+ online themed dials
A larger screen will naturally have a better display effect of the dial. Mi Band 6 has 130+ online themed dials this time. It also uses APP synchronization to select the dial replacement in the dial mall. The watch can store up to three Customize the watch face, and every time you change it, you need to synchronize with the app. But it’s worth mentioning that the Mi Band 6 dial has received more popular IP blessings, not only continuing the Band 5 SpongeBob SquarePants, EVA, Hatsune Miku, and Conan’s four IPs but also adding one person, Zhen Soul Street, Assassin Brand new super IPs such as Wu Liuqi, Qin Shimingyue, Luo Xiaohei, Fox Demon Little Matchmaker, etc., let everyone have more individual choices on the dial.
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Health monitoring is upgraded
Health monitoring has always been the core function of the Mi Band. Mi Band 6 has a built-in PPG biosensor. The NFC version additionally includes infrared off-the-wrist detection functions for more accurate measurement. At the same time, blood oxygen monitoring functions, heart health monitoring, and breathing and sleep are added. Quality monitoring function, support 24-hour abnormal heart rate monitoring, multi-dimensional health monitoring upgrade.
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Added blood oxygen monitoring
The new blood oxygen monitoring function of Xiaomi Mi Band 6 supports single measurement and continuous measurement at night to assist sleep monitoring. The new heart health monitoring can remind the wearer when an abnormal heartbeat occurs, and evaluate the heart through continuous heart rate measurement of the bracelet Condition, suggesting that the heart is beating abnormally.
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Sleep monitoring

Sleep problems are believed to be a major problem faced by many urbanites. In addition to real-time sleep monitoring, Mi Band 6 also supports breathing and sleep quality monitoring. It can determine sleep time based on changes in heart rate and blood oxygen during sleep. Respiration quality, provide health report; REM rapid eye movement monitoring can also be calculated according to the change law of heart rate variability and breathing information during sleep, and provide analysis report. And it is worth mentioning that the Mi Band 6 has also been enhanced in monitoring accuracy, equipped with a high-performance PPG biosensor, which is better optimized for the heart rate sensor and reduces the interference of irregular movements.
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Full-featured smart bracelet
Thanks to the full-screen design, the screen of Mi Band 6 can display more information than the screen of the same type of product and is even comparable to many smartwatch products. We display time, weather, power, and exercise data during daily use. And other information content.
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Weather forecast

After the Mi Band 6 is bound to an Alipay account, even if offline payment is used without the Internet, the Mi Band 6 NFC version can support NFC subways and buses in hundreds of cities across the country after opening the NFC bus card, and support analogue access control Card function, it also has UnionPay QuickPass function, supports binding bank card payment, currently supports 11 banks UnionPay QuickPass, and will continue to support more banks in the future.
Support Xiao Ai
After pairing and connecting with the “Mi Sports” APP, the bracelet function can be directly synchronized on the phone. Can view detailed health status data.
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Detailed exercise status
This time, Xiaomi Mi Band 6 added 19 sports modes in terms of sports, achieving full coverage of indoor and outdoor multiple scenes. It supports automatic recognition of the 6 sports modes of outdoor running, treadmill, walking, outdoor cycling, elliptical machine, and rowing machine, without the need for separate settings to save worry and effort. In addition, 19 sports modes have been added to the original 11 sports modes, including dance, indoor fitness, gymnastics, HIIT, core training, stretching, steppers, Pilates, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, and badminton. , Cricket, Bowling, Boxing, Free Fighting, Street Dance, Zumba, Indoor Skating.
Richer sports modes, you can choose different modes and switch in order on the APP. You can view the exercise report on the bracelet. More detailed exercise data can be viewed on the APP.
Mi Band 6 does not come with a GPS function. If you want to record GPS trajectory during some outdoor sports, you need to connect and synchronize your mobile phone. The bracelet is responsible for recording the centre rate, pace, cadence, etc. Finally, a detailed data report is generated after the completion of the exercise project, so that we can better understand the effect of each exercise and a period of time.
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In general, Xiaomi Mi Band 6 not only has a higher appearance and better quality, but its built-in functions also provide a lot of convenience for our daily life. This time Xiaomi not only brings the full screen and retina-level ultra-clear experience to The bracelet product, with comprehensive functions and strong compatibility but is also a smart bracelet suitable for everyone. It is no exaggeration to say that this Mi Band 6 can be called the graduation model in the smart bracelet.
It is also worth mentioning that such a small bracelet still provides a very good battery life. In a typical usage mode, the Mi Band 6 standard version supports 14 days battery life, and the NFC version 12 days battery life; long battery life mode, The battery life of the standard version can reach 19 days.
Where To Buy
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Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Review: Best Bracelet in The Full-Screen Era

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