Xiaomi Mijia Brushless Electric Drill Now At $112.99

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Xiaomi Mijia Brushless Electric Drill Now At $112.99

Xiaomi Mijia Brushless Smart Home Electric Drill is an effective support accessory that makes assembly and disassembly in repair and mechanical work done quickly and with little effort.

Xiaomi Mijia Brushless Drill Specs:
Product dimensions
185.5 x 179 x 51.5mm
Net weight
About 870g
Maximum torque
Rated voltage
Spin speed
0-1400 rpm (electric drill)
0-370 rpm (screwdriver)
Charger Specifications
5V-3A; 9V-1.5A
Battery capacity
Charging time
120-180 minutes
Drilling parameters
Metal drill bit
Wood drill bit
Screw model
C6.3 x 25mm
Extension rod length
Reasons to own a Xiaomi Mijia Brushless Drill?
Although hand – held electric screwdrivers bring more compactness and convenience by portability and easy storage. However, the electric drill is a more flexible and mobile version when it possesses greater torque, which saves more time and effort in all repair operations of the user. With the ability to drill and screw quickly, easily switch working modes, suitable for use on all types of surfaces, the Xiaomi Mijia Brushless Drill will definitely be a device that repair lovers or technical people specialize in. career should not be missed.
Powerful motor, great torque
Xiaomi Mijia Brushless Drill adopts mechatronic design, safe and non-ignition, equipped with brushless motor that works with low noise and high power conversion ratio. Besides, users also do not need to replace carbon brushes, so the product will have a longer service life.
The drill has a maximum torque of  30Nm  and a maximum speed of  1400 rpm . The product can be used on flat surfaces such as soft pine, hard oak, other woods as well as aluminum alloy, steel, plastic, metal, etc. The drill bit can penetrate acrylic and other materials Easily.
Simple operation with 3 operating modes
The Xiaomi Mijia Brushless Drill is equipped with 3 operating modes with different speeds and operating methods. Users can flexibly switch operating modes at any time by pressing the button at the bottom of the display. With simple operation, even tool novices to professional repairmen can easily control the device, meeting all needs and purposes in many situations. together.
The machine is also integrated with a 360° stepless knob with up to 30 levels, which can be adjusted step by step and can also be turned in and out quickly. Depending on the different drilling/screwing modes, the maximum torque or speed can be controlled individually, precisely and meticulously, meeting the needs of professional technicians.
Equipped with smart chip, ensuring safety when using
Mijia 2021 electric screwdriver uses a built-in smart chip, which can automatically adjust the torque according to the use situation. The screw automatically re-locks after being tightened and the screw is tightened in place to prevent damage or loosening from excessive rotation.
This is a safe pulse device, very suitable for beginners. The electric drill is equipped with an intelligent chip that controls the speed, which can start and stop the rotation intermittently to ensure safer use. Besides, this feature also helps to effectively reduce the damage to the material when used on soft materials.
Minimalist design, premium materials
Similar to Mijia’s previous screwdriver products , the Xiaomi Mijia Brushless Drill also has a minimalist design with a meticulously machined surface that does not expose screws. Besides, the sturdy handle design and painted body and UV coating create a premium matte metal look that is scratch and stain resistant.

In addition, the entire body of  the Mijia electric screwdriver is also machined from PC + ABS plastic material,  so it is very sturdy and durable. The back of the handle is covered with soft TPU rubber for a comfortable, non-slip grip.
The product is also equipped with a high-definition screen that visually displays the operating mode and specific parameters in real time. The design disrupts the concept of traditional tools, while giving users more control over their work.
Comes with 24 different screw heads
The Mijia electric drill kit comes with 24 different screw heads, specially machined and finished from S2 steel , including 9 common types with hardness up to 60HRC , extremely tough and durable. Equipped with screw heads of various shapes and sizes, the machine helps to meet all different needs from repairing technical products to large and small household appliances.
In addition, the product is also equipped with a 60mm magnetic extension bar , helping users to “deal” with complex repair situations such as deep screw holes in narrow, hard-to-reach spaces.
In particular, the manufacturer also equips the Mijia hand drill with a portable bag , made from waterproof fabric. In particular, the drill device, accessory box, adapter and charger can all be stored in a very simple bag, making it easy to carry for convenient use anywhere.
Long-lasting battery life
Battery life, integrated machine lithium battery capacity of  2000mAh  can meet more than 550 screws or steel used to drill through more than 22 times 6mm or 4cm deep drill holes on wood plate over 280 times. Besides, equipped with a versatile Type-C charging interface with a 1m- long charging cable , users can easily charge the drill at any time when the device runs out of battery.

Where to buy Xiaomi Mijia Brushless Electric Drill?
Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Banggood, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!
Buy The Xiaomi Mijia Brushless Electric Drill on Banggood for $112.99XiaomiToday Best Deals
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Xiaomi Mijia Brushless Electric Drill Now At $112.99

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