Xiaomi Mijia MJSTS1 Pro Vacuum Cleaner For Just $699.99 [Flash Deal]

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Xiaomi Mijia MJSTS1 Pro Vacuum Cleaner For Just $699.99 [Flash Deal]

The Xiaomi Mijia MJSTS1 Pro Vacuum Cleaner was released in March 2021. It is equipped with a super-sensing multi-dimensional stereo recognition obstacle avoidance system. It realizes multi-dimensional obstacle avoidance through 3D TOF technology + visual recognition fusion algorithm.
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Still a familiar design, but in the Xiaomi Mijia MJSTS1 Pro version, the manufacturer has improved by extremely luxurious rounded contours. Along with that is the design to hide the air vent, the sound area, the dust box lock, and other details are hidden, dust-free, beautiful, and durable. Equipped with a 260mL intelligent water box with 3 different levels of water spray, helping to protect the floor from water penetration.
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Mijia MJSTS1 Pro Adopt a new generation of LDS laser navigation scanning system, with 30 sensors on the fuselage, and a CPU+NPU dual-processor solution, which is faster and more accurate when constructing whole house maps and intelligently planning routes; The maximum suction power is 4000Pa, with a large-caliber suspension suction mouth, equipped with a 550mL dust box, and comes with a sweeping and dragging two-in-one dust box (300mL dust box + 260mL water tank).
The brushless motor offers super large suction power and is combined with a large diameter suction port, close to the ground, and the ability to do Cleanliness is greatly improved. Connect to Mijia App, you can remotely control Mijia MJSTS1 Pro when not at home and you can also schedule cleaning and cleaning days.

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With a 5200mAh battery capacity, the performance is nearly twice as long as the previous version, for a wider cleaning area of ??up to 250m².
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Where To Buy
Xiaomi Mijia MJSTS1 Pro Vacuum Cleaner is now available on Banggood For Just $699.99 on Flash sale. Click the following button for order now:
Buy Xiaomi Mijia MJSTS1 Pro at $699.99 on Banggood

Xiaomi Mijia MJSTS1 Pro Vacuum Cleaner For Just $699.99 [Flash Deal]

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