Xiaomi Mijia Ultra-thin Robot vacuum Cleaner launched at $310

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Xiaomi Mijia Ultra-thin Robot vacuum Cleaner launched at $310

May 20, 2021, Xiaomi releases the new Xiaomi Mijia Ultra-thin Robot Vacuum Cleaner for $310. The new vacuum Cleaner comes with new features of dragging and sweeping with an ultra-thin design.
Features of Xiaomi Mijia Ultra-Thin Robot Vacuum Cleaner:
The Mijia ultra-thin sweeping and dragging robot has an ultra-thin body of 5.5cm. It also realizes intelligent obstacle avoidance in all scenes through the S-cross 3D obstacle avoidance function. Through the combination of TOF technology and visual navigation, it can accurately map and clean intelligently. To clean the low space that is difficult to clean at home.

Xiaomi claims that if the height of the sweeper’s body is controlled within 6cm, it can enter more than 80% of the bottom of the furniture for cleaning. The Mijia ultra-thin sweeping and mopping robot has a body thickness of only 5.5cm and a compact body size of only 32.3*32mm, so it can go deep into the bottom of the furniture to clean, the bottom of the bed and the bottom of the sofa can be easily shuttled between the legs of the dining table and chair.
Obstacle avoidance:
The Mijia ultra-thin sweeping and dragging robot realizes intelligent all-terrain obstacle avoidance by using ToF 3D ranging and obstacle avoidance technology in the field of unmanned driving. It uses the front ToF camera and high-precision sensor to cooperate in the process of cleaning and recognizing the environment. Accurate calculation and intelligent perception can quickly realize the distance measurement of obstacles to intelligently measure the space.
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During the cleaning process, it will automatically bypass when it is close to small objects, furniture, and walls to avoid collisions, and avoid collisions near the height of the fuselage in advance to avoid jams at the bottom of the cabinet. Sleepy and other situations. In the process of cleaning the ground, it can not only avoid large-scale obstacles such as walls and wardrobes in advance but also accurately avoid obstacles such as common thread balls, children’s toys, slippers and other small objects in the home.
Xiaomi Mijia Ultra-thin Robot vacuum Cleaner Sensors:
The Mijia ultra-thin sweeping and dragging robot is equipped with a front ToF sensor. And with its onboard camera to enhance the visual navigation ability, the scanning range is increased by 4 times, and the mapping accuracy is increased by 5 times. Maintain dynamic surveys and route planning during the journey, and realise more intelligent and accurate map management.

Smart map management realises that after completing several cleanings, it can automatically generate a zone map, automatically distinguish the division of the bedroom, living room, kitchen and other areas, automatic zone and key cleaning functions, you can choose to clean the bedroom, living room and other areas individually, or you can mark the key points Area cleaning, by setting up a software virtual wall to prohibit the machine from entering, to prevent the situation of mopping the carpet.
The Mijia ultra-thin sweeping robot has two sets of dust box designs, with a 500ml large-capacity dust box, and a two-in-one drawer design combination of a 200mL dust box and a 220mL water tank, which reduces the frequency of dust dumping by users and can also achieve ” “Sweep and drag separation” and “Sweep and drag in one” switch at any time.

Brushless Motor:
The Mijia ultra-thin sweeping and mopping robot comes with a brushless motor. It achieves an ultra-large suction force of 2000Pa. Compared with the ultra-thin mainstream suction port design, the rolling brush design deeply absorbs common waste such as lint, particles, and hair. With 4 levels of suction power, users can freely choose the suction power according to the degree of cleanliness. You can choose a quieter and quieter level; you can also choose a super powerful level for sucking carpets and other dirty areas, and you can switch freely.
Water Tank:
The mopping function comes with a 200ml intelligent electronic water tank with 3 levels of water volume adjustment. And the mopping pressure function is added. The mechanical booster mopping bracket is design with a constant pressure spring and can add 3N pressure to the ground. The electronically controlled water tank can not only stabilize the electronically controlled water spray and even mopping to protect the floor, but the pressurised mop can also effectively remove stains, and the suspended mop is close to the ground to improve the mopping effect. The 17mm obstacle crossing capability will enable the Mijia ultra-thin sweeping and mopping robot to go deep and crawl to any ground in the home that needs to be cleaned for cleaning.
Xiaomi Mijia Ultra-thin Robot vacuum Cleaner Price:
The Mijia ultra-thin sweeping and dragging robot can also be remotely controlled through the Mijia App. And it can also be scanned by a custom cleaning mode when no one is at home. It can also realize the intelligent interconnection of the whole family by linking the voice control of Xiao Ai. At present, this ultra-thin Mijia sweeping and dragging robot has been put on the JD platform. The original price is 2499 yuan. The new product will save 500 yuan and the price is 1999 yuan.

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Xiaomi Mijia Ultra-thin Robot vacuum Cleaner launched at $310

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