Xiaomi Projectors 2021: Cost-Effective Way To Buy

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Xiaomi Projectors 2021: Cost-Effective Way To Buy

Millet products used estimates of Mi are not unfamiliar, as millet ecological chain brand, with a growing number of home-meter product line, related to all aspects of consumer, small to toothbrushes, nail clippers, reached refrigerator , Projectors and other household appliances, today we mainly recommend the cost-effective  Xiaomi Projectors 2021, let’s talk about the Mijia projector first.
Recommended for 2021 Xiaomi Projector
1. Mijia Projector Youth Edition 2 Generation
Mijia Youth Edition 2 has more side projection function and far-field voice function than Youth Edition 1 generation. The overall configuration is sufficient for daily use, suitable for renters, young students, and users with insufficient budgets.

Buy The Mijia Projector Youth Edition 2 Generation on Banggood for $509.99XiaomiToday Best Deals
2. Mijia laser projector
Mijia laser projector is Mijia’s flagship model, 2400ANSI high brightness, it can be viewed well during the day. The built-in Xiao Ai students can link with the smart home to experience the complete smart ecology. It supports 150-inch giant screen, and uses ALPD3.0 laser to display more vivid colors. There is also a choice of film sources that Xiaomi TV wants to use. Of course, the disadvantages of Mijia laser projectors are also obvious, and the flash memory is somewhat low. Overall, the configuration functions are basically high-end levels, suitable for Xiaomi devices at home, and can be used for smart device linkage. Buy The Mijia laser projector on Banggood for $1069.99XiaomiToday Best Deals
3. Mijia 1S 4K Laser TV 
Mijia 1S 4K Laser TV is the most expensive among all Mijia projectors, but it is also the highest resolution. Mijia Laser TV 1S has a standard resolution of 4K and needs to be used with a specific screen, but The display effect is better than other projectors. If you want a better picture quality experience, you can consider starting with Mijia Laser TV 1S.

Buy The 3. Mijia 1S 4K Laser TV on Banggood for $1699.99XiaomiToday Best Deals

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Xiaomi Projectors 2021: Cost-Effective Way To Buy

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