Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Pro launched with new functions

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Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Pro launched with new functions

Today on March 31st 2021, Xiaomi launches the new Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Pro on the second day of Mega representation. There are several announcements made like Mi Mix Fold with anew logo developed by Hara Kenya. Yesterday also the company presents the first project of First Electric car. Now let’s dive into the features of the product.
Features of Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Pro:
Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Pro is the new robot washes floors and vacuum cleaners. It was designed only in black because, according to what has been said, “ black looks good on everything ”. A peculiarity of this product lies in its ability to avoid obstacles. Let’s imagine a typical scenario: shoes, cables and several other objects all in one place. The robot in this case, if it encounters the objects, should go around. The new robot solves this problem: it is equipped with a new algorithm that allows it to stop instantly when it finds an obstacle.
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There is a 3D ToF recognition system double-eyed + RGB, essentially a binocular system. The processor is equipped with 4 cores in the GPU and 2 cores in the MPU with which you can get maximum experience in recognizing obstacles (even tiny cables). The reactivity of the vacuum robot is instantaneous. Another feature is the floor washing mode which automatically recognises if it encounters a carpet, carpet or some other type of material and independently decides whether to avoid it or stop and change the washing mode.

It is also possible to choose the suction power, which however has a basic limit. Application with smart recognition of scenarios: this is improved compared to before. Previously we had to manually enter the name of the room in the scenario on the app, but from today it will be possible to have it done automatically by the robot. In terms of hardware, we have a 4000 pa suction power, a 5200 mAh battery and a 550 ml capacity for the tank. The price is 2,999 yuan, about 390 €.
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Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Pro launched with new functions

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