Xiaomi VIOMI S9 Robot Cleaner for $536.99(Coupon)

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Xiaomi VIOMI S9 Robot Cleaner for $536.99(Coupon)

The Xiaomi VIOMI S9 robot vacuum cleaner has a sweeping and mopping function with 2700Pa suction. There are premium robot vacuum cleaners that use LSD Laser Navigation but are expensive. However, you can buy this robot cleaner with the same feature at a budget-friendly price. It is available at a discount with a Coupon. So, use the coupon details and the warehouse to buy it at the best price. Most of the coupon deals do no last long. Thus, you can benefit from having this vacuum cleaner with 220mins running time at less cost.
Coupon: VIOMIS9Z
Original Price: $729.99    Coupon Price: $536.99(452€)
Warehouse: EU Stock
Buy VIOMI S9 for just $536.99!
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Spec Sheet


Climbing Ability:

Water Tank:

Dust Bag:
3L(Replaceable dust bag)

Water Control:
Smart electronic with 3 level


Xiaomi VIOMI S9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Connect with Speaker for Voice Control
There is a long list of features for this Smart robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi. It has the LDS Laser 2.0 navigation with climb ability of up to 20mm. The Xiaomi VIOMI S9 robot vacuum cleaner uses Auto dumping technology to get rid of collected waste. Not only it vacuums, but it also mops the floor using an Intelligent water tank. You can connect it with a Mi Speaker for controlling with voice. Plus, it stores the routes and floor maps in its memory. Also, it can do Y-Mopping with S/Y-type accessing modes. Thus, the 5200mAh battery lets it operate for 3.6 hours.

Three Cleaning Modes, Voice Control, Smart App Control, and Automatic Dumping
It uses 950W of high power to collect dust. Therefore, this robot cleaner makes cleaning an easy task. The Xiaomi VIOMI S9 robot vacuum cleaner reminds you about its full dust bag using LED indication. There is a large capacity 250ml water tank with an efficient mopping function. Also, it has two side sensors and four cliff sensors. Thus, it can climb up to 2cm and will not fall from stairs. Plus, a sensor on its top to make it clean safely under a cabinet or desk. It will not get stuck under the furniture because of this feature.
What we like about Xiaomi VIOMI S9 robot vacuum cleaner:

It has premium features at a budget-friendly price.
There is LDS Laser 2.0 navigation system.
It climbs over 2cm obstacles with comfort.
The robot cleaner has Auto Dumping Feature.
An LED indicator notifies about the filled dust bag.
You can connect with a speaker for Voice Control.
There are sweeping and mopping functions.
The memory of a multi-floor map helps to route.
You can use and dispose of the mop. 
This robot cleaner has a 5200mAh large-capacity battery.


It has some vacuuming noise.

How to buy?
You can use the coupon code when you buy it. The stock is from the EU warehouse, and you will get a discount because of the coupon. We appreciate it if you use our affiliate link if you are considering buying it. You pay nothing extra. It helps to keep the lights on and get us our coffee. Also, it shows you appreciate what we do.

Coupon: VIOMIS9Z
Original Price: $729.99    Coupon Price: $536.99(452€)
Warehouse: EU Stock
Buy VIOMI S9 for just $536.99!
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Xiaomi VIOMI S9 Robot Cleaner for $536.99(Coupon)

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