Xiaomi Youpin ceiling Lamps natural light launched in crowdfunding today

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Xiaomi Youpin ceiling Lamps natural light launched in crowdfunding today

June 23, 2021, “You never understand my sorrow, like the day and the darkness of night.” It is indeed difficult to feel the darkness of night during the day, but the “sun” of the day can be felt at night. What is the principle? Recently, Huizuo saw the launch of Xiaomi Youpin Ceiling Lamp , which strictly controls the quality of the light source to make it close to sunlight. The lamp will start crowdfunding on the 26th, with a crowdfunding price of 599.
Features of Xiaomi Youpin Ceiling Lamps:
The lamp uses a full-spectrum LED light source, the ratio of red, green and blue in the visible light part is similar to that of sunlight. And the color rendering index restores the true color, that is, the closest to the sunlight. With the five-layer board side light-emitting design structure, the glare index is less than 19. Which can reach. There is no blue light effect, so that users can feel the sunlight-like lighting indoors. The optimal LED chip lights are evenly distributed inside the lamps, and each lamp bead is covered with a high-gloss lens, which can increase optical reflection and improve light efficiency. Reduce the interference of shadows.

Not only that, because the light provides the light closest to natural light. The average color rendering index is higher. It is not easy to cause eye fatigue and damage vision, and improve visual comfort. It adopts the principle of side-emitting professional optical design. With special reflective paper, and customized LED lights Beads, etc. Make the luminous uniformity extremely high, and there is no dark area in the lighting. In addition, the Xiaomi Youpin ceiling Lamps can be connected to the Mijia APP. Using APP presets to control the dimming color and brightness of the lamps. And the Xiaoai speaker can realize the whole house intelligent connection and voice control Convenient.
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Xiaomi Youpin ceiling Lamps natural light launched in crowdfunding today

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