Xiaomi ZHIMI Smart Toilet Seat all in one machine launched

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Xiaomi ZHIMI Smart Toilet Seat all in one machine launched

June 24, 2021, A few days ago, Xiaomi Youpin launched a new Xiaomi ZHIMI Smart Toilet Seat. The pre-sale price is 3999 yuan. This smart toilet can be controlled by APP, has a multi-user memory mode, and a 5-year warranty for the whole machine. There is no water pressure restriction for flushing, and smart life is in place in one step.
Features of Xiaomi ZHIMI Smart Toilet Seat:
This toilet uses the third-generation water tank system, which is more beautiful and more stable. The booster pump provides stable power for flushing, and even lower water pressure has strong momentum. It can memorize the usage data of three users at the same time (sprinkler position, water temperature, seat temperature, etc.).

There is no need to re-adjust the data key switch before use and take care of the habits of the whole family. Touch with your toes, girls kick to open the lid, boys kick to open the seat ring twice, 0-hand touch flushing can be used elegantly, with the seat-off sensor automatic flushing, even if you occasionally forget, it will not forget, automatically closes the lid, While avoiding bacterial contamination.

In addition, this toilet will automatically cool down when no one is in use, energy-saving and power-saving, 4-speed seat temperature +3DCurved surface design makes it more comfortable to use. Antibacterial seat design can be 99.99% resistant to Escherichia coli & golden yellow grape Cocci, safe and worry-free. 
Multiple flushing modes, available intimate To meet the needs of the whole family. The high-end mixed air-water flow, the soft touch like clouds. The touch is gentle and not irritating. It takes care of the fragile skin. Super swirl jet siphon, can Strong Sewage discharge, strong impulse, cleaner and water-saving, flush and clean, prevent back flow and anti-odour

Xiaomi ZHIMI Smart Toilet Seat now for just $307.54XiaomiToday Best Deals
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Xiaomi ZHIMI Smart Toilet Seat all in one machine launched

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