Xiaomi ZOOM Selfie Stick coming soon in Crowdfunding for $12

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Xiaomi ZOOM Selfie Stick coming soon in Crowdfunding for $12

Xiaomi a Chinese tech giant known for its affordable products and doing well in the long ecological chain. The company sells many more products other than smartphones. Xiaomi is not new to the make selfie sticks, there are several selfies sticks like Xiaomi MI Selfie Stick Tripod One and Mi Bluetooth Selfie stick launched by the company and loved by customers. Now the company is releasing the new version of the selfie stick (Xiaomi ZOOM Selfie Stick).
Xiaomi reveals that the new product will be in crowdfunding very soon at the price of $12.
Features of Xiaomi ZOOM Selfie Stick:
The product comes with several top-notch features. To start with, the selfie stick will allow the user to zoom in and out easily. Another main feature is, the user can easily switch between the cameras while taking images.
Users can also use this new Selfie Stick as a tripod within seconds. To switch between cameras and Zoom in and out, the user gets a button on the side. Currently, there is a tripod stand from Xiaomi which is available in the market for only $11.
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The new Xiaomi MI ZOOM Selfie Stick will available for $15 and in crowdfunding the product will be priced at $12.
The new product from the company is quite cheaper than the other products available in the market.
In crowdfunding, the price is quite lower than the actual price of the product. Users will have to pay all the money after the crowdfunding period of the product.

The news from the company is, this product is only available in the Chinese market. So if you are not in China, you will have to use your contact in China to take part in the Crowdfunding. More details of the product are not available yet. To get more details, stay tuned and do bookmark our news section. Also, check our deals section to get coupon discounts on this Spring sale.
What do you think about this product? Is this product good to be in the market and launch globally? Do comment on your valuable views on this product.
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Xiaomi ZOOM Selfie Stick coming soon in Crowdfunding for $12

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