Zeblaze Crystal 3 Smartwatch For Just $9.49 [Coupon Deal]

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Zeblaze Crystal 3 Smartwatch For Just $9.49 [Coupon Deal]

The Zeblaze Crystal 3 Smartwatch has valid features, thanks to the proprietary operating system and the great consideration that the Zeblaze brand products have. It is proposed in black, green, red color. Also of note are the sensors, precise for training, and the battery, which will not leave you disappointed while using the device.
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The size/weight ratio is king in a smartwatch, a device worn for a long time in the space of a day. It is the characteristics of the watch that make the smartwatch a product that must be light and comfortable, which must be comfortable and not bulky on the wrist. This is a smartwatch that is very suitable for sports activities thanks to its 40.5 mm of width that joins the 12 mm of thickness, even if its size does not make it one of the thinnest devices on the market. The convenience of the smartwatch relies heavily on the shape of the wrist, but in this case, we don’t feel like saying that the size of the device is a problem.
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It will not be a problem to consult the display of this Crystal 3, a single-point touchscreen IPS LCD that is capable of ensuring good visual rendering and rich details. The maximum resolution of 240 × 240 pixels is remarkable and offers sharp and not very grainy images. The display is integrated into the rectangular case, with ad hoc protected glass, which makes the device very resistant and versatile.
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Zeblaze has chosen a 200 mAh battery for this Crystal 3, a capacity that will lead you to recharge the smartwatch only after many hours of intensive use. This smartwatch comes with: direct USB charging.

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With the Crystal 3, it is possible to monitor training sessions, both indoor and outdoor, without any problem, thanks to the sensor component present. Data are also available retrospectively thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 wireless communication. This Zeblaze Crystal 3 is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. The sensors of a smartwatch play a fundamental role, but their evaluation always depends on the use made of the device. If you often go for jogging sessions, it will be of fundamental importance to have the pedometer and the sensor for detecting the heartbeat inside your device.
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Where To Buy
Zeblaze Crystal 3 is now available on Banggood For Just $9.49 using a Coupon Code: BG801a9f. Click the following button for order now:

Coupon Code: BG801a9f
Buy Zeblaze Crystal 3 at $9.49 on Banggood

Zeblaze Crystal 3 Smartwatch For Just $9.49 [Coupon Deal]

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